November 2009 Trip To Soddo

I (Terri) just returned from a quick trip to Soddo to visit the CCCE orphanage and Aerie Transition homes.  I spent 2 1/2 fantastic days with the children and staff.  I met our three new children:  Hanna – 6 years old, Konjit – 3 years old, and Yamanesh – 2 years old.  They are happy, healthy, little girls.








All children except the two littlest and three oldest are going to school.  Abebech is working as a nanny at a baby orphanage.  Messele works at the same orphanage as a guard. Afework is working for Dr. Bower at Soddo Christian Hospital where he makes eyeglass lenses.  Israel continues in teacher’s college in Arba Minch.  Asfaw has begun study to become a paralegal.  Asrat, Assigid, Michael, Wobeshet, Damenech, and Yodit are in preparatory school for university.  The other children are in classes ranging from pre-K to 10th grade.




Many improvements have been made to the CCCE grounds.  We now have a hyena proof fence around our entire property.  A thatched covered patio has been built.   We have added a large vegetable garden, a chicken coop, and a sheep shed shed and pasture.  The children have planted over 20 banana trees.  This fall, the garden yielded corn, squash, cucumbers, and cabbage.   The children have daily chores including working in the vegetable garden and caring for the sheep and chickens.   Our goal is to teach responsibility and life skills with the CCCE “farm”.




Sheep in Sheep Shed

The big news is the arrival of Noah Frank and Sam Hartman.  These two amazing young men will be working at CCCE for two years.  Noah is from the San Francisco area and Sam is from Seattle.  They will be responsible for staff training,  English lessons, and general oversight of the CCCE and Aerie Transition Home children.  Sam and Noah arrived on Wednesday, November 11.  We were all excited to greet them.

I departed on Thursday once again overwhelmed by the spirit of the children and the staff.  They are joyous, generous, and loving.  I left determined to do all I can do to help Aerie Africa and CCCE succeed at their mission to improve the lives of children in Ethiopia.


Adanceh with new water filters


Banchiwosen playing the flute

Play Time

Play Time

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  1. Looks great. I have added a link to this blog from web site.


  2. Posted by Jerry McLaughlin on November 16, 2009 at 3:36 pm

    Thanks so much for the BLOG. The progres is amazing at the CCCE orphanage.


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