A New Boy and a New Lamb

On Friday, CCCE welcomed Bercate.  Bercate is a three year old boy.  He is the twin brother of Konjit, one of the little girls who joined CCCE in November.  Amazingly, Bercate and Konjit were separated soon after birth.  Sam reports the reunion of Bercate and Konjit was joyous.  Both were laughing and hugging each other.   Bercate has rapidly adapted into the CCCE family and his happy, mischievous personality has quickly emerged.

Bercate and Henok (CCCE Executive Director)

Konjit and Bercate

If you are interested in sponsoring Bercate, please contact Janice Mack at gardengirl65@gmail.com.

Everyone at CCCE is excited by our other new arrival.  One of our sheep had a baby lamb.  Dawit announced this exciting news to Sam and Noah by running to tell them that “A Son is Born”.

Mother and New Lamb

The children, Sam, and Noah have spent the last two Saturdays planting the vegetable garden.  It has rained several nights.  We are happy for the rain for our garden but the farmers do not welcome the rain at this time.   They are harvesting their crops including teff, the grain used for injera.  The rains damage their crops and make it difficult to harvest.  After last year’s drought, the crops are badly needed.  Hopefully, the skies will clear and we will use well water for our garden.

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