Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I hope you are enjoying your holidays.  The children of CCCE are celebrating Christmas twice this year.  They had Christmas on December 25 with Sam, Noah, and Natalie (a friend visiting from Washington).

Noah, Sam and the Little Children of CCCE

Sam, Noah, and the Boys

Ethiopia follows the ancient Julian calendar and celebrates Christmas on January 7.  Allie Sebree and Bob Devine arrived in Soddo today.  They brought wonderful gift bags for all the children.  These gift bags were lovingly prepared by the congregation of St. Peter’s Church in Malvern, PA.  It is amazing the amount of gifts that can be stuffed into a one gallon Ziplock bag!  The bags will be given to the children on the morning of January 7.  The children will go to church, have a special feast, and enjoy time with Sam, Noah, Allie, and Bob on Christmas.

At this time of year, I think about all the people who help Aerie Africa and CCCE.  I am grateful for the sponsors and benefactors of Aerie Africa.  Without you, we could do nothing.  I am thankful for the dedicated volunteers with their endless energy who keep Aerie Africa running.  I am so happy that we have Sam and Noah working in Soddo and making such a difference.  Finally, my heartfelt thanks and awe go to Henok and Dr. Kelemu.  With their vision and leadership, we have an orphanage that is a happy, loving home to our children and is a model for other children’s organizations in southern Ethiopia.

Following are some of my favorite pictures from 2009.


Selamawit, Zelieke, and Banchwosen

Allie, the Prince, and Princesses

Afework with his wonderful smile

I hope you and your loved ones have a blessed 2010.


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