2010 Goals

We have many exciting goals for CCCE and Aerie Africa for 2010.

We will graduate three of our young adults from the program in July.  Abebech, Afework, and Mesele will graduate. In July, they will have been working in full time jobs for over two years. Henok, Sam, and Noah have been preparing them for living in the community. These are our first graduates from the program.


Also in July, we will move our next group of young adults to the Aerie Transition Homes.  Adenech, Yodit, Asrat, Tesfahun, Assigid, and Mendahun will be moving.  They all are excited and ready for a bit more freedom.

Mendahun in 2008

Our goal is to bring in 15 new children this year. We believe that we can expand our nest and provide a home to more children in desperate need who have lost their parents and do not have relatives who can care for them. We will need sponsors for these new children. If you are interested, please contact Janice Mack at gardengirl65@gmail.com.

This year we will make more improvements to the CCCE facility.  Currently, Sam and Noah are supervising the construction of a first aid room and supply room.  These will give us a place to treat children who are ill and some much needed supply space.  We will also paint most of the facility, install screens on all the windows (very much needed to keep out all sort of nasty bugs), construct a guard house at the entrance to the facility, and create flower gardens around the grounds.

CCCE Dorm Building

We will increase the CCCE staff in 2010.  We hope to hire one additional Nanny Nurse, a Head Nurse, and a Gardener (who will help teach the children gardening and animal husbandry skills).

Thanks to the support of our sponsors and benefactors,we are able to continue to provide a loving, warm nest to 52 children (64 by year end)!

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