Children are a heritage of the Lord – Psalm 127:3

Last week the postman delivered four boxes.  He was excited and said that he thought these were for the kids in Ethiopia (the folks at my post office know about the orphanage and frequently ask about the children).  The boxes were from a group in Alabama called Children Hemmed in Prayer – Mission Sewing Project.  Each box had 25 – 30 bags and each bag contained a hand made outfit and underwear.  The outfits are dresses, shirts, short, and/or pants.  The girls’ dresses and shirts are adorable.  All the clothes are beautifully sewn – many looked like they are from the Lilly Pulitzer store with bright, cheerful fabric and detailed work.

Mary Beth Turberville is the woman who organizes this group.  Her letter in part read:  “These dresses/pants have been made with many loving hands and have been hemmed in prayer.  Each child that will wear the garment has already been lifted to the Lord.  The purpose of Children Hemmed in Prayer is not to clothe the children but to have them bathed in prayer.”  The web site of this group is

The clothes are such a blessing.  With our recent additions of  new children, clothes, especially in small sizes, were needed and now we have plenty.    I am constantly amazed by the ways the Lord provides for our children.

112 outfits are now winging their way to Soddo!

This week, three new children were admitted to CCCE.  These children are from Southern Ethiopia where the conditions are harsh after several years of drought.  The children traveled in an open air truck to get to Henok and Sam.  The CCCE jeep could not drive to where these children were located.

New Children Being Transferred to CCCE

The children are two sisters (Agene, 5 years old and Asnakech, 4 years old) and Farase (a four year old boy).  The children are basically healthy but have parasites and minor illnesses which are being treated by the doctors at Soddo Christian Hospital and our Sister Hannah.  The children are doing remarkable well and have adjusted quickly to their new lives.

The New Sisters - Agene and Asnakech

Farese, 4 year old boy

The children at CCCE are doing great.  The children are in school and busy with church, choir, gardening, and playing.  Sam and Noah continue to amaze us with their dedication and devotion.

Happy Kids - Fitsum, Banchiwosen, Tsefanesh, Zalieke, and Bercate

Little Ones at their new table and benches - Dushure, Aba, Zalieke, Fitsum, and Yemanesh

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  1. What a great gift! We are very thankful for the clothes we will receive, as they will be needed as we grow. As we make CCC home to children from very difficult situations, the prayers going before the Lord before the children arrive is even more important than the fabric itself. Thank you.


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