Great Progress!

Helen F - New School Bag and Supplies for a New School

Helen F with new school supplies for a new school

The children, staff, Sam, and Noah have been very busy at CCCE in February.  All the 4th grade to 7th grade children began the second semester of school attending a private school in Soddo called Oxnard Academy. The class sizes range from 15 to 39 students. The school is fully taught in English with the exception of the two local language classes  – Amharic (national language of Ethiopia) and Woliatta (language of the Soddo region).  Oxnard Academy has several clubs that the children can join including drama, computer, music, and sports.  Now all of the pre-K through 7th grade are attending private schools.  We think this gives the children a great advantage and allows the children to develop their individual passions and potential.

Lucy is ready for school!

We have received the class rankings for the first semester of the children attending pre-K through 3rd grade. The children are doing very well. The children in the top ten of their class are:  Addis (aka Aba) ranked number 2, Banchiwosen was number 2, Zalieke was number 9, and Merdakyose was number 1.

The Head Nurse for CCCE has been hired.  Her name is Sister Helen.  She has a diploma in nursing and is getting her degree in August.  She speaks fluent English and Sam and Noah say she is a strong leader who is both passionate and loving.  Sister Helen is an integral member of the CCCE leadership team and will be key in helping establish a sustainable, lasting structure for CCCE.

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  1. Posted by Amy Barnes Elliott on March 14, 2010 at 3:49 pm

    Congratulations guys! The Elliott family is very proud of you.
    Charles, Amy, Charlie, Jacob and Eliza ( Hanna’s family)


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