Pictures from April 2010 Mission Trip

Janice Mack, Conor Hanlon, and Jerry and Stacey McLaughlin visited CCCE earlier this month.  They had a wonderful trip.  I will post a report from Janice in the next couple of weeks.  Enjoy pictures from their trip!

On the road from Addis to Soddo

Typical hut for an extended family

Cooking is done inside the hut in the center of the floor. Smoke escapes through the thatch.

CCCE Orphanage - Always a welcome sight after a 6 - 8 hour drive

Lucy and Helen playing after school

Biniam and Tigabu with stickers

Tesfanesh, Helen, and Mimilla with new shirts


Michael and Adisu


Damenech, Janice, and Meaza

Adisu, Berket, and Faris

Conor with the kids on the playground

Konjit pretending to talk on a cell phone (in English!)

Habitamu and Abayneh in new shirts

Asfaw and Janice


Konjit, Banchiwosen, and Belan (aka Nanni) in the nursery

Afework graduates from the program in July. He is working full time at the eye clinic. We are proud of him!

More pictures to come.  Please check back.

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