Aerie Transition Home

During the recent mission trip, the team visited the Aerie Transition Home.  When the children turn 18 years old, they move to the Aerie Transition Home the July after their 18th birthday. The girls currently in the home are Abebech, Damenech, and Meaza.  The boys are Afework, Asfaw, Messele, Michael L, Tariku, Yaikobe,  and Wobueshet.  Israel is attending college in Arba Minch.  The goal of the transition homes is to teach the children independence by giving them a modest amount of freedom and budget responsibilities.

The program has been very successful.  This first group of young adults moved out of CCCE in 2008. They were scared and we were worried.  They have done great. Each young adult receives 300 birr per month and has managed his/her budget for food and daily living necessities (CCCE pays the rent and utilities).  They come back to CCCE every week to perform six hours of service work and often join the CCCE family for holidays and celebrations.

Abebech, Afework, and Messele have been working for two years.  They graduate from the program in July.  Sam and Noah have been working with them to prepare for this big step.  Janice reports that they are ready to move and seem excited about this final step.

In July, Adanech, Assigid, Asrat, Mendahun, and Yodit move to the transition home.  The home is a duplex with the boys and girls each having their separate spaces.

Damenech outside the Aerie Transition Home

Aerie House - Boys Side

Aerie House - A Girl's Bedroom

Messele outside of Aerie Transition Home

Sam getting water from the well at the Aerie Transition Home

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