Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers who do so much for the children at CCCE.

Today, we thank our wonderful housemothers and nurse nannies at CCCE who tirelessly work long hours to care for the children, cook for them, hug them when they come home from school, wipe tears after bumps or scraps, and cuddle when a little love is needed.

House Mothers and Nurse Nannies with New Umbrellas in April 2010

Meaza (one of female students who lives at the Aerie Transition Home, goes to high school, and works part time at CCCE) with house mothers and nurse nannies in April 2010

Today, we also thank all the mothers who volunteer for Aerie Africa.  We absolutely could not function without you!

Robin (our volunteer administer for Aerie Africa) arriving at CCCE in May 2008 and receiving flowers from Helen B

Suzanne (Aerie Africa Director) reading to CCCE kids in May 2008

Donna (Aerie Africa Director) with Samirawit and Merdekyos in February 2009

Janice (Aerie Africa Director) and CCCE kids in April 2010

Finally we thank all our many Sponsor Moms for their financial and emotional support of their children at CCCE.  Your love means so much to the CCCE children.

Megan with Mickey and Mesganu in January 2008

Betsy with the CCCE children on a summer field trip in July 2009

Allie and Lucy in May 2009

Rebecca and Michael in May 2008

We have so many wonderful mothers for whom we do not have pictures.  Thank you for all your support and efforts!

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