April Mission Trip – Part 2

The following was written by Janice Mack and recounts another day of the April Mission Trip.

Sunday, April 11

Oh, I was so grateful for my iPod Sunday morning!  I had forgotten that there was a call to prayer at 2:00 am over the loud speaker through the whole town.  The prayers are in Amharic and last for hours.  It seems like this would only cause everyone to be exhausted and grumpy, but grumpy is not an adjective that comes to mind when I think of Ethiopians!

We met for coffee and breakfast in the cafe next to the hotel.  One of the high points for the mornings were the Macchiatos, espresso with steamed milk.

The orphanage was already in full swing when we arrived.  The children had eaten and were anxiously waiting for us.  We had a fun morning getting to know some of the new young children and catching up with old friends.  We spent time in the nursery reading to the kids and listening to them sing.   Many of the new children from the closed orphanage speak pretty good English and were anxious to show off their skills.  The kids definitely like to perform and have a little attention.

Stacey with several of the younger CCCE children

One thing we do every 12-18 months is measure, weigh, and photograph each of the children.  This information is shared with their sponsor to help them  buy shoes and clothing that fit.  The children love to see how they have grown since the last time.  I gave the children their photo albums that were made before the trip.  Each album had pictures and letters from their own sponsor family.  They truly treasured their albums and look forward to putting in new pictures as they arrive.

Konjit with her photo album

Janice measuring the children

Conor and Jerry started organizing the screening materials.  A map was made of the orphanage labeling each window and what it measured.  The older boys pitched in to assemble the screens and became quite skilled at it.  The younger children played with the scrap pieces and made little screens to play with.

Conor and Jerry working on screens

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