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CCCE/Aerie Graduate Three Young Adults

July has been a big month for CCCE and Aerie Africa.  Three young adults graduated from the program .  Mesele – a 22 year old young man, Afework – a 21 year old young man, and Abebech – a 21 year old young woman graduated on July 3 with a party at CCC. Each graduate received kitchen utensils from CCC and a digital camera from Aerie Africa.  The cameras were a huge hit.

Afework with his new camera in his new room

Abebech and Mesele were admitted into CCCE in 2002 and Afework joined  in 2003.  As always in times of transition, it is a bittersweet time.  They are happy to be gaining new freedom but a little scared about this freedom and what it means to be truly independent.  Mesele has had the most concerns and trepidation.  He was not happy about leaving the Aerie Transition home and had to have a lots of encouragement to find a place to live. All three found nice rooms to rent.  The CCCE staff will maintain contact with the graduates to ensure that they are healthy and safe.  All three graduates have great jobs.  Abebech works as a nanny, Afework works as a eye clinic technician, and Mesele works as a guard.

We are very proud of these three graduates.  Each is a great success story for CCCE.

Abebech in her new room

Mesele - New graduate of CCCE/Aerie

Two New Girls

In June, CCCE  was blessed with the addition of two new girls.  Both girls were in desperate situations before joining the CCCE family.

Eyerusalem is 13 years old and was in danger of living on the street before she came into CCCE.  She is a lovely girl, enjoys arts and crafts, and is sponsored by the Frank family (Noah’s family).


Aregash is six years old and is a cuddly, lovable little girl.  The Samuel family from Pennsylvania sponsor her.