‘The main hope of a nation lies in the proper education of its youth’ – Desiderius Erasmus

Once again, our CCCE children have done great in school.  First the really BIG news:  Michael and Asrat scored high enough on their 12th grade examination to be admitted to university!  They will be our first two CCCE children to go to university.  Only 5% of students in Ethiopia attend university (compared to 63% in USA).  Both Michael and Asrat have worked incredibly hard for the last four years and studied many hours to accomplish this terrific milestone.  We will find out which universities they are attending in the next few weeks.  University starts in October in Ethiopia.


Michael (with Adisu)

And more exciting news!  Two of our kids, Adanech and Mindahun, did great on their 10th grade examination (officially called Ethiopian General School Leaving Certificate Examination) and are admitted into preparatory school for university. Only 30% of tenth graders score high enough to go to preparatory school.  Also, Asfaw who took the 10th grade examination last year and missed being admitted to preparatory school by a tenth of a point retook the examination this year and did great.  All three will be attending preparatory school in September.





Many of children in kindergarten through 7th grade were in the top 10 of their class.  Our stars are:

Abayneh - Grade 7 - 3 of 25

Ushule - Grade 7 - 8 of 25 (with Habitamu)

Merdekyos - Kindergarten 2 - 1 of 25

Aregashe - Kindergarten 1 - 7 of 44

Banchiwosen - Kindergarten 2 - 2 of 58 (with Konjit and Nanni)

Adisu - Kindergarten 1 - 1 of 44

Nebiyu, Biniyam, and Serkalem took the 8th grade examination in May.  Their scores will be available mid-September.

This summer the children have attended summer school, had many English lessons from Katie, and been tutored by Chu Chu, our Dean of Students.  We expect to see even more children in the top ten of their class in January.

This year all our children from kindergarten to 10th grade will attend private school.  In these schools the classes are smaller and the teachers are well trained and enthusiastic.  This is a great milestone.

Happy New School Year!!

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