Allie Sebree’s Summer Trip to Ethiopia

This post was written by Allie Sebree who just returned from 13 weeks in Ethiopia.

I recently just returned home from a three month visit to Ethiopia.  I spent 6 weeks in Soddo and 6 weeks in Addis Ababa.  I had an amazing time with the kids at CCCE and had many great new experiences at the Kidane Mihret orphanage in Addis.

There were quite a few new kids at CCCE that I met this trip.  They are all very cute and smart.  Mekdas, a seven year old girl,  is already learning how to read in English!  I also enjoyed getting to play with Asnakech, a five year old girl, and Eyerasalem, a 13 year old girl.

Asnakech and Eyerasalem

Many of the CCCE kids are attending Oxnard Youth Academy, a local private school.  While I was in Soddo, I got the chance to see their end of the year ceremony where they honor the kids who were at the top of their class.  There was singing, traditional dancing, and an awards ceremony.  They called students who were 1st, 2nd, and 3rd in their classes up on stage to receive a certificate.  I was called up on stage to help hand out awards.  Abayneh received an award for being 3rd in his class.

Awards Ceremony at Oxnard Academy (Abayneh is receiving an award)

Just before I left Soddo, I had the chance to go with the CCCE kids on their annual field trip to Lake Langano.  We managed to get all the kids up and ready to leave by 5:30 am.  We were rolling out of Soddo by 6 am on three buses.  After a four hour bus ride we finally arrived at the lake and the kids got straight in the water.  Katie, Sam, Noah, and I all took turns taking the little kids out to the deep water and attempting to teach them how to swim.

Swimming at Lake Langano

I want to extend a special thank you to Henok, CCCE’s Executive Director, for all his outstanding work and kind hospitality.

Henok with Belen (Nanni) and Bineyam

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