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Last year, Sam Hartman and Noah Frank accepted positions of Children’s Home Managers and moved to Soddo, Ethiopia.  Sam and Noah have done a fantastic job and positively impacted the lives of the children and staff of CCC and the Aerie Transition Homes.  They will be soon coming back to the US.  We now need to fill their positions.  The position description is detailed below:

Children’s Home Managers

ORGANIZATION:  Aerie Africa, Inc. is a 501(c)3 registered non-profit working in Ethiopia.  We are currently funding a children’s home (CCC) in the town of Soddo to provide a safe, nurturing environment to orphaned children that will encourage education to help build leaders of the future for Ethiopia.  There are 64 children presently and a staff of 14.

The mission of Aerie Africa is to provide orphaned Ethiopian children with a living environment that will meet each child’s basic and medical needs; promote educational achievement; and offer opportunities to build social and life skills. In doing so, we aim to enable every Aerie graduate to reach his or her highest personal potential.

POSITION:  The Children’s Home Manager(s) is an extraordinary opportunity to have tremendous impact on the lives of the children that we serve.  The key responsibility is to provide leadership, guidance and mentoring to all aspects of the operation in order to establish and maintain a structure that offers the best possible outcomes for the children.  This means that the CHM’s (Children’s Home Managers) are actively and intimately involved in the running of the Home though they do not have specific ownership of day-to-day responsibility.  The expectations of the role are that of mentoring, coaching, inspiring, and encouraging both staff and children to work together to reach their highest potential.

In addition, the CHM’s provide the bridge to the American Board and ensures alignment of the budget decisions and fundraising needs.  Responsibilities here include advising the Board and CCC on budget priorities and monitoring costs and expenditures with an eye towards the utmost effectiveness in spending and to avoid “surprises” in budget.  The CHM’s are the main source of information to the American Board and are expected to provide frequent and timely communication (as mutually agreed upon) of all aspects of the organization including – and especially – on the overall well-being of the children.

The CHM’s will also be responsible for working with the numerous volunteers and visitors that arrive on-site.  This will include defining projects and needs, interacting and hosting, and helping to further our fund-raising efforts.

Finally, the American Board also has interest in continuing to support the broader community in Soddo and, to this end, expects that the CHMs work actively to build and strengthen relationships inside and outside of CCC that could ultimately help define priorities.

Typical Duties will include:

  • Meet daily with management staff to guide, direct, encourage as well as keep them accountable to being productive, proactive and wise.
  • Meet at least once weekly with Director and review any current issues. Facilitate open communication and ensure the Director understands and is in agreement with current projects, goals and direction of the Children’s Home.
  • Work with Director to ensure that Children’s Home meets or exceeds all government standards.
  • Assist Compound Manager in creating contracts. Review upcoming and current projects and ensure they are progressing according to schedule.
  • Monitor spending and ensure quarterly spending report is completed on time and sent to Aerie Africa within 1 week after quarter end.
  • Create and review daily, weekly and monthly goals for applicable staff members.
  • Take part in hiring of new employees and ensure CCC and Government protocol are followed. Create English proficiency exams, evaluate applicant’s qualifications and assist in final hiring decision.
  • Create job descriptions for new staff.
  • Mediate between staff disputes and misunderstandings.
  • Ensure child entrance policy is being followed when new children are admitted.
  • Develop relationships and work in harmony with other branches of CCC.
  • Attend government meetings and represent CCC as requested by the Director
  • Ensure goals set by Aerie Africa are progressing in timely manner and send quarterly report.

While this opportunity offers exceptional personal reward and satisfaction, it is a difficult and challenging assignment in many ways.  The living conditions are typical developing country level, the culture can feel frustrating and illogical, everything will take longer than expected and you have to do a lot with a little.  That said, the contributions that you will make to the lives of the children and staff and potentially the wider community are enormous and, for the right people, more than make up for the daily hurdles.  Patience, persistence, faith, hope and optimism are critical to success.

The ideal candidates will have the following mix of personal and professional characteristics:

  • Commitment to the vision, mission and values of Aerie Africa
  • Bright, self-motivated and proactive
  • Energetic, extroverted and warm personal style
  • Persistent and resilient
  • Optimistic and enthusiastic with vision for what is possible
  • Strong leadership skills with the ability to align staff around a vision
  • Detail oriented and able to execute a plan
  • Highly team-oriented with a strong ability to build deep relationships
  • Ability and willingness to coach and mentor to staff and children
  • Creative and resourceful
  • Sensitive to cultural diversity
  • Sound judgment and ability to make decisions and solve problems
  • Excellent communication skills
  • Flexible and adaptable
  • Hard-working and passionate about making a difference
  • Honest and trustworthy with highest personal integrity
  • Solid understanding of, and skills necessary to oversee management of CCC budget
  • Minimum of a four year degree from an accredited university
  • Minimum of two year work or volunteer experience with children and or a non-profit organization

If interested, please contact Suzanne Hanlon at

Noah and Sam participating in a feeding program in Soddo

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