Happy New Year!

As we begin a new year, I look back at 2010 and and feel blessed by the accomplishments of Aerie Africa and CCCE.  Aerie Africa has been graced with a wonderful cadre of volunteers working both in the United States and Ethiopia.  In the US, Robin Browning, Suzanne Hanlon, Donna Higgins, and Janice Mack worked tirelessly throughout the year.  They found many wonderful sponsors, kept the sponsors up to date, successfully completed a fund raising campaign, kept the accounts, and ensured Aerie Africa provided appropriate support to CCCE.  Donna, Suzanne and Janice participated in mission trips to Soddo and CCCE in 2010 (Janice twice!).


Janice with CCCE kids - April 2010


Donna, Chu Chu (CCCE Dean of Students), Suzanne, Ian, and Principal of Oxnard School (Many CCCE Students attend Oxnard) - November 2010

We also were blessed with four young adults from the US who committed amazing energy and enthusiasm to CCCE. Noah Frank and Sam Hartman spent a year at CCCE as Home Managers.  Noah and Sam accomplished so much in their year.  They provided much needed organizational structure, oversaw many improvements to the CCCE facility, and hired phenomenal employees for CCCE  including Chu Chu (Dean of Students), Sister Helen (Head Nurse) and Hiwot (Accountant). Katie Brister arrived in Soddo in July. She is teaching Bible and English lessons and has established a pre-school for  the children who are too young to go to school.  We saw a big improvement in the children’s English when we visited in November. Allie Sebree continued her regular extended trips to CCCE and helped with physical examinations (all children received a physical from an American doctor in either July or November), took many children to dental and clinic visits, helped with the transition of the 18 year olds to the Aerie home, and worked with the young kids on art and craft projects (which they love).

Noah with Abitie - November 2010

Sam and Mitten - April 2010

Allie and Abebech - November 2010

Katie and Suzanne - November 2010

In 2010, CCCE was recognized by the Ethiopian government as an outstanding orphanage.  The government designated CCCE as a model orphanage for the Southern region of Ethiopia.  The hard work of the CCCE staff made this important recognition possible.  Henok Desta, Executive Director of CCCE, has worked tirelessly to ensure that the CCCE children are happy, well fed, loved, and receiving a good education.

Henok with Government Certification

Many improvements were made to the CCCE facility in 2o10 – we built a guard house at the entrance to the CCCE compound, built a first aid room, built an office for Chu Chu for meetings with students and staff, built a new washing station for clothes washing, built a washing station in the dining room for hand and dish washing, repaired the stair and balcony railings, completed a soccer field, screened the bedroom windows, and painted much of the facility.

First Aid Room Shelves


Nebiyu making screens - April 2010

The CCCE children and Aerie young adults are wonderful.  Nineteen new children joined CCCE in 2010!!! With the help of the CCCE staff and US volunteers, the new children have assimilated and adjusted to life at CCCE remarkably quickly.  Three of our young adults were accepted to university in 2o10 – Michael, Asrat, and Wobeshet. This is a wonderful accomplishment for these young men.  Five young adults (18 year olds) moved from CCCE to the Aerie Transition home in July. Also, three young adults graduated from the CCCE/Aerie program in July (Abebech, Afework, and Mesele) and are adjusting well to living independently.  We saw all three when we visited in November and were impressed with their maturity and well being.

Mesele - November 2010

The CCCE vegetable garden continued to provide produce for the kitchen.  The big crop for 2010 was yams!  We also harvested many, many bananas.  We continue to raise sheep and chickens.  Both have been learning experiences for the children.  They are getting better at caring for the animals (sheep need to locked in the sheep house at night and chickens need regular water!).

Yams growing in vegetable garden

I thank the many volunteers, sponsors, and donors for your support.  Without your help, none of this would be possible.  You are making a huge difference in the lives of many children in Ethiopia. God Bless!

Terri Sebree


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  1. What an amazing project you have going. I’m really impressed with all that you have been doing and the support you have received. Reading about this is such an upliftment. Your dedication to this project will change many lives.


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