Evenings at CCCE

Another great update from Noah who has recently returned to CCCE after a two month absence.  Read about a typical end of day at CCCE:

One evening Katie and I are just hanging out with the kids outside. It is a normal day and not much is different except it seems more of the kids are gathered around outside than typical. Sophie and Angie, nurses who work in a rural clinic outside of Soddo, and Stephanie, a new OB-GYN at Soddo Christian Hospital, come by to play with the kids and visit. I am busy learning how to build a Habisha (Ethiopian) fence out of bamboo by my experienced teacher Addisu while Abite is hanging on my back laughing hysterically. The ladies are playing games with the girls. I look up and notice the sun is setting over the mountains in the distance. The sky is bright orange and the sun is larger as it only is in Africa. I am temporarily brought back to family camp in the gold country of Northern California by the smell of the powder sugar red dirt that puffs up like little clouds with every step, the sweet scent of dry grass and the sounds of laughter. I am pulled out of my thoughts by Addisu and Biniam excitedly demanding that we go on a hyena hunt. It has been a while since I’ve been on a hyena hunt! Why not? I run down into the lower part of the property with Addisu, Biniam, Sebsibe, Tesfahun, and Ammanuel as the little ones trail behind. We pretend to stalk imaginary hyenas and whooooop for them. A good hyena hunt always ends with watching the sun make its final descent over the rift valley from the heights of the Acacia Tree. The little ones are down under the tree, jealously yearning to climb as well. Bereket solves the problem by diverting the attention to himself by yelling “Noha! Shint (pee) is coming!” I have to laugh as Bereket relieves himself out in the field. He looks at me and giggles because he knows this is funny for two reasons.

First, well, the obvious. Second, Bereket has a history of using the phrase “_______ (whatever is applicable at the time) is coming”. It started one day several months ago when Bereket yelled, “Katie, Bananas is coming!” while doing a little dance to celebrate the occasion. He was cheering on the tired boy delivering a load of bananas on a eucalyptus pole wheel barrow struggling down the hill. (yes, Ethiopia had the original precursor to WebVan and bulk food items are delivered right to the door!) We were really excited that he knew the words AND used the present continuous form…no need to sweat the singular/plural error.  Since then the rest of the kids picked it up and often use the phrase. “Dinner is coming? Noha! Light is coming! (the phrase of choice when they want to use the computers) or my favorite, Water is coming? After a week of no city water I sure hope so.  Our saving grace is the well and the children who are eager to help me haul buckets of water to the room.

Noah and CCCE boys in tree at sunset

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