Academic Success!

At a recent Family Program, some of the CCC children were recognized for their academic achievements in their first semester of school this year.  Our kids work hard in their various classes and seven students have been recognized as being top students in their specific grades:

In KG-3 (the third level of kindergarten, the grade right before Grade 1), Aragesh is ranked FIRST in her class. She attends the Hopeful Generation School, and her class size is around 55 students.

Aragesh and Katie

In Grade 1, at Oxnard Youth Academy, Merdekios is ranked FIRST in his class! His sister, Banchiwosen is ranked THIRD, and Mekdes is FOURTH. Their class size is 44 students total.

Merdekios and Chu Chu

Banchiwosen and Belenesh

Mekdes and Etete









Also at Oxnard, Omodar is ranked FIRST, and her good friend, Waynashet, is ranked THIRD in Grade 3. Their class size is also 44 students.

Omodar and Sister Helen

One of the newest additions to CCC, Grima, is ranked THIRD out of 90 students total, in his Grade 9 class at Bogale Walelu High School.

Grima and Katie

In front of the whole CCC community, each of these distinguished scholars received pants or shoes (or both!) as a reward for their diligence and success. Hopefully, recognizing good academic habits in this way will result in a culture of true learning and scholastic excellence.  A big thanks to sponsors who provide the funding and encouragement that makes it possible for learning to happen!

Update provided by Katie, our volunteer teacher, who has been at CCC since last summer.  God Bless Katie!

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