Gardening in Soddo

Last week during our Friday Family Program, each family group planted vegetable seeds in their very own garden plot!

Etete's CCC family planting seeds

These seeds were provided by my generous mother, Barb Brister. She was concerned about the lack of fresh vegetables in the Ethiopian diet that she experienced in her visit to Soddo, and snail-mailed some seeds to me, her daughter and renown unenthusiastic gardener. So, as the rains are coming, I happily donated the seeds to the CCC family gardens.

Aster The Gardener

Each CCC family has about 7 children in it, and at least one staff member. The idea behind the program is to ensure that each child has a better chance of experiencing the closeness and attention of a regular family size. The staff member in each family is asked to pay special attention to “their” children’s academics, emotions, behavior, and spiritual life.

We planted spinach, lettuce, green beans, tomatoes, cucumbers, and carrots.These garden plots will provide each family with a specific responsibility to care for as a team, a fun activity to do, and a goal to reach together. And, if all goes well, some fresh vegetables!

Dushure with seeds

Desta's CCC Family's Plot


















Post written by Katie.   Thank you Katie and thank you Mrs. Brister for the seeds!

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