Pictures from May’s Mission Trip to Soddo, Ethiopia

We had a wonderful trip to Soddo in early May  to visit the CCC and Aerie Transition homes. Following are pictures from the trip:

Day 1 Lunch - Michael, Joe, Alazar, and Dave

CCC Children enjoying picture taking

Chu Chu and Zinash wearing her new dress sewn by wonderful ladies from Hemmed in Prayer

Aster with her new dress from Hemmed in Prayer

Addisu with new ball from sponsors

Bereket, Meaza, and Michael

Abayneh, Grima, Nebiyu, Ushule, Dave, and Joe resting during a Sunday hike

America and Helen F returning from church

Washing hands

Nanni and Aster eating lunch

Dave reading to Konjit

Dinner with Katie, Becca, and Dr. Paul

Selamawit, Addisu, Agene, and Mitten on playground

Pre K nap time

Happy Twins


One response to this post.

  1. funn to read here. I’ve been to Soddo and recognize the bekele molla. I’m looking forward to going back in October to work specifically with famine relief and helping them with crops so they can feed themselves in the future. Anyway, was just missing Soddo and Shanto and looking for some fun reminders of my home away from home.

    Tamara B


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