Update on Electricity and Water at CCC

The situation is slowly (and slowly is the key word) getting better at CCC.  The home is now intermittently receiving electricity.  The government has brought in two huge generators that are providing some electricity to the town and our home for a few hours everyday.  This is a big help and we do not need to run our small generator as often as we were last week.

The water situation is still not good.  The city water pumps are not working.  Apparently the generators do not provide enough power to work the water pumps.  All the water that we have is  delivered by donkey.  Everyday, we have 14 donkey deliveries.  We have purchased two extra plastic drums to store the water.  We are filtering the water for the children to drink. The donkey water is supplying enough water for cooking, occasionally flushing toilets, modest cleaning, and an occasional bucket bath for each child.  

We have been blessed with many generous donations which are helping to offset our increased costs.  Thank you so much for your kindness. 

We hope to have some word soon on how long this water crisis will last.  Pray for rain!  The “little rains” usually start in April.  Let’s pray for an early “little rainy season”. 

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