Electricity and Water in Soddo

The electrical issues in Soddo appear to be resolved!  The power plant has been repaired and the CCC orphanage now has full electricity.  The staff and children are very happy.  It has been a difficult month.  Our staff has done a tremendous job managing the situation and keeping the children safe and healthy.

The water situation is still not good.  CCC is receiving city water twice a week (Mondays and Thursdays).  On an occasional Monday and Thursday, they receive enough water to fill the tanks but most times are able to only get the tanks half full.  We are still having water delivered by donkey to help manage the water situation.  Nathan, one of our US volunteers who manages the home, followed the donkeys a couple of weeks ago and found out the water was coming from three springs.  The water appears to be relatively clean. To be safe, the water is filtered and treated before the children drink it or it is used in cooking.

We hope the rains will begin soon.  This will help the water situation.  Nathan and the CCC staff are prepared to capture the rain run off from the roofs of the dormitory, kitchen, and dining hall buildings.

Thank you for your support and help during this difficult time.


Water tanks and clothes washing station at CCC

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