University Bound!!!!

We have exciting news!  In May, the three 12th graders in the Aerie program took their university entrance examination.  All three scored very well on the examination and are now university bound.  We are so excited for them and very proud of them.  They have all worked extremely hard for many years.  The students are:


Mindahun is university bound!


Asfaw is university bound!

Adanech is university bound!

We are thankful to the CCC staff for their support and encouragement of these students, to the volunteers from the US who have assisted the students in their study and provided a shoulder to lean on during difficult times (Allie, Noah, Katie, Sam, Richelle, and Nathan), and to the sponsors of these students who have given them the possibility of this wonderful experience (Tailer/Videtta Family, Mack Family, and Haas Family).

The students will learn which university they are attending and their area of study in a few weeks. They can now enjoy their summer before another few years of hard work begin!

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  1. Posted by Clarice Main on July 31, 2012 at 8:50 am

    Congratulations to students and all who helped along the way!! GREAT JOB!! And now.. on to the NEXT challenges at university!! Best wishes!


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