Thank you for your help!

Letter from Stacey McLaughlin, Aerie Africa Board Member
On behalf of  Aerie Africa, I would like to thank you again for your recent support of our Glass of Hope campaign to raise money for a deep borehole water well.  
Thanks to you, the campaign was a tremendous success and we reached our goal of $80,000!  
We are honored you have responded to our need with such compassion and generosity. Your gift is life-changing for the children and staff at the Aerie Africa/CCC children’s home.  As another dry season approaches, there is hope that life will be different and the basic needs provided by clean water will be met.
Now that we have achieved our financial goal for the Glass of Hope campaign, we are moving quickly into the final stages of planning.  You have our commitment that we will manage the project with the utmost efficiency, governance and transparency.  We will provide you regular updates on the project and keep you informed of all major milestones.  
We recognize that that there are countless meaningful causes to support and many of you already commit a significant amount of your time and resources to these organizations, fundraisers and other events.  Please know we take your gift very seriously and that 100% of it will go directly towards the deep borehole water well project.  
Most of all, we want you to know what an impact your contribution has already made.  We are one major step closer to giving water, one of life’s greatest gifts, to a group of beautiful and deserving children and their caregivers. Thank you!
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