We are making a difference to some special children

Meet Merdekyos, an 11 year old boy, and Banchiwosen, a 10 years old girl. They are siblings from Bilate, a small town about 20 kilometers outside of Soddo.  They came to the CCC home in 2009.  Their father passed away about a year before they entered the orphanage and their mother had become very ill with HIV.   

The town of Bilate is an army base.  In Bilate their father was a “doctor”, which most likely meant he was a herbal healer and their mother was never employed.  Before leaving Bilate, both the children remember playing in the army camp, using bullet shells as toys.  In 2008 their father died and their mother became very ill.  They moved from Bilate to Boditi, about 15 kilometers from Soddo.  Although Boditi is a larger town it is still very small and rural.  Their mother was growing more and more ill and could no longer care for the children.  They two children attended school on occasion, but rarely went because their mother was too ill to ensure they attended school every day. 

A woman from the local kebele (government) office learned about Banchiwosen and informed Henok, the Executive Director of CCC of her case.  However she knew nothing about Merdekyos.  Henok worked with the kebele office to admit Banchiwosen into CCC.  When he arrived to pick up Banchiwosen, he learned about Merdekyos and obtained permission to also admit him.  

Once they arrived at the CCC home they started school and have excelled ever since.  After starting school Merdekyos always complained that it was too easy and he wanted to be moved to the next grade.  Both children are now in the third grade and over the past four years Merdekyos has always ranked number one in his class, even when he switched to a harder, more difficult private school.  Banchiwosen has always ranked in the top five of her class. They are happy children and enjoy being together and playing with their friends.

Merdekyos wants to be a doctor when he grows up and Banchiwosen wants to be an artist. 


Merdekyos in 2009


Merdekyos in 2012


Banchiwosen in 2009


Banchiwosen in 2012

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  1. Posted by Greg on November 2, 2012 at 8:15 pm

    How awesome. My oldest daughter was adopted as a ten year old girl from Soddo in 2006. We love to follow happenings in the Soddo region.


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