March 2013 Mission Trip

A group of seven volunteers visited the CCC Children’s Home in Soddo, Ethiopia from March 9 through March 15.  The volunteers were Jane, Kevin, and Brad Hollingsworth, Suzanne Hanlon, Karen Marienau, Ann McIntosh, and Terri Sebree.

Kevin and kids 2

The trip was a great success. The children are spectacular. Currently, two students are attending vocational school in Addis training to become nurses; five students (four young men and one young woman) are in university in various schools throughout Ethiopia; seven young adults are in the Aerie transition program attending high school in Soddo, and 54 children live at the CCC home. We were blessed to visit with the two girls attending nursing school and two of the young men in university.  All four are doing great, handling independence remarkably well, and making excellent grades.

The children in the CCC Children’s Home are great.  They are healthy and happy.  When they are home from school in the afternoon, the compound is filled with joyous laughter, singing, and sounds of football (soccer).

Mayor eyayu

The kids are doing well in school. Of the 35 students in grade one through seven, 19 are ranked in the top 10 of their class in school.  Our second and third graders are leading the pack holding the top five positions in each class! CCC focuses on education.  All children in kindergarten through seventh grade attend private schools.  The children have tutors and the older children help with younger children with their homework and studying.

We completed several projects while we were in Soddo.  We refurbished three girls’ bedrooms.  We painted their rooms (walls and ceilings) and purchased new mattresses, pillows, and mosquito nets for all the girls.  We also painted the boys’ rooms and purchased new mosquito nets.  We will buy the boys new mattresses and pillows on the next trip in November.  The girls were very proud of their new rooms.  The rooms were painted a bright pink (picked out by the girls). They loved the new mattresses and pillows (which they badly needed).

We also installed a six foot fence along one side of the football field.  This fence protects kids and balls from rolling down a steep hill.  We facilitated temporary repairs to the roof of the girls’ dormitory.  We will need to replace the roof after the rainy season.  We will be launching a capital campaign this summer to raise money for that project.

Drs.  Ann and Karen performed physical examinations on all the children.  This was a Herculean effort – 61 physicals in four days!  They found the children to be very healthy and growing at a typical rate.

Drs Karen and Ann



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