As we have previously reported, we have been working with our partners, Water is Life International and Myungsung International PCL (MCW), to complete Phase I of a deep water well project on the grounds of the CCC home in Soddo, Ethiopia.  As with most projects of this magnitude, there were a few snags along the way, but we are thrilled to report that Phase I is now complete.  The well was drilled to 147 meters and our partners have now completed the well casing, packing, cleaning, well head construction and pump test.  We should soon be receiving the final report from the hydogeologist which will include recommendations concerning pipe design and the type and size of the pump we will need to meet the water needs of the home.

We are still waiting for the installation of 3 phase power by the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation, which will allow us to proceed to Phase II of the project.  We are currently on a government waiting list to receive a transformer.  However, given our location on the list and our priority level (certain government projects, businesses and industries are getting higher priority), we are hopeful that we will have what we need to proceed to Phase II of the project within two months.

Completion of Phase I is a significant milestone and the staff and children at CCC are extremely excited about the prospect of finally having a reliable source of clean water.  After completion of the pump test, they organized a luncheon and gathered to say “thank you” to the MCW drilling crew and present them with gifts from the Wolaita region.


The moment the drilling team hit sweet, wonderful water!

The Aerie Africa Board expresses their gratitude to MCW and Water is Life International for their generosity and their diligence in completing this project.  We can barely express how excited and emotional we were when we saw pictures of water shooting into the air at the drilling site.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts.


Drilling Team – Myungsung International and CCC staff


We would also like to thank Nathan and Richelle Haines, who worked tirelessly to manage and facilitate this part of the process to a successful conclusion.  Their commitment to the children of CCC and to Aerie Africa is simply incredible.

And of course we thank all of our donors, whose generous contributions have brought us one step closer to turning the dream of providing plentiful, clean water to the children and staff at the CCC home, into reality.

We pay special tribute to Jack Main, Richelle’s grandfather.  His amazing contribution early last year kick-started the fund raising process for the well and made us all believe that the impossible was possible.

Blessings to all,

The Aerie Africa Board

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