A New Roof for the Aerie Africa/CCC Home

The current Aerie Africa/CCC Children’s Home was constructed during the year of 2005. The home includes 2 main buildings. The smaller of the main buildings houses the cafeteria and kitchen for the home. The larger of the main buildings, the residence building, houses 8 dormitory-style rooms for the children, 2 storage rooms, offices for the Dean of Students and Head Nurse, a library and the main organization office for CCC.

For about 7 months out of the year, Soddo is quite dry and receives very little rain. The main rainy season is between July and mid-September. These months are very wet, often with heavy rains daily. These dry winters and very wet summers, combined with issues of erosion and it’s location on the hillside, caused some minor shifting of the building resulting in some gaps between and under the metal sheeting, thus allowing rainwater to leak through the ceiling on the west side of the building.

After consultation with Jeff Potts, a US architect with experience designing and overseeing construction projects at the Soddo Christian Hospital, it was determined that the roof should be replaced.

Thanks to a generous grant from the Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation, we were able to replace the original clay tiles with a metal sheet roof that is durable and typical for Ethiopian buildings. We were also able to repair the damaged ceiling, paint the roof and install new gutters to improve drainage.

This improvement would not be possible without the leadership of Nathan Haines and our partners Jeff Potts and the Dorothea Haus Ross Foundation. The rainy season has begun in Soddo and the new roof has meant dry rooms and happier kids! The new metal roof not only keeps the rain and moisture out but it has also improved the appearance of the building where the children reside.


The new roof before painting

The new roof before painting

roof final

The new roof painted with new gutters


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